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Referee Process

Referee process in SocioBrains

Peer review is a good practice for careful selection of high quality manuscripts for publication in a given scientific journal, made by experts from the same scientific field. This good practice prevents toleration or discrimination of authors and promotes honest selection process. It is connected with referee’s selection outside the professional circle of authors. The chosen referees are obligated to declare lack of conflict of interests. SocioBrains has an optimum number of referees, established scientific capacities in all areas notified by SocioBrains, which can be published. They receive from the editor any material requested for publication in advance of it are deleted personal data of the author. This is necessary to ensure a certain fairness.


Referee process


  1. Receive the publication.
  2. The Editorial Board examine whether it complies with General conditions and Publication requirements for publishing in the journal.
  3. If the material does not meet General conditions and Publication requirements, the manuscript is rejected and the author will be informed and stating about the reasons.
  4. If the material is accepted it shall be forwarded on for review by the referees, who will chek it: Signify, Appearance, Erudition, Evidences, Theory, Volume, Ethical issues, motivation.
  5. After the reviewer, the publication is sent back to the Editorial board for discussion.
  6. Publishing the manuscript.

  Referee’s obligations


  1. Support of the editorial decision.
  2. Expedition - to prepare its expertise in the shortest possible time.
  3. Confidentiality. Every accepted for referee manuscript must be treated as confidential document, which must not to be discussed with third party, except with special permission.
  4. Objectivity. The referee process has to be done with maximal objectivity. Personal criticism is forbidden. The referees must express their attitude on the submitting documents only!

The process of a referee should be done with maximum objectivity in terms of scientific truth and scientific facts


  1. Conflict of interests – The submited manuscript by the author at SocioBrains It can not be used by the referee for another publication. The unpublished data from the manuscript of an author is forbidden for publication from the referee. The information gathering during the referee process is forbidden for application. In the case of potential conflict of interests the referees are obligated to refuse the nomination.
  2. Ethical issues – observance of ethical and moral respect to authors and their publications. Creating good practices and standards in this regard.