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About SocioBrains

Name of the journal: SocioBrains

Publisher: Smart Ideas - Wise Decisions Ltd., Sofia,  Bulgaria

Open access journal: It is freely available online to the readers.

Language: English, Russian, Bulgarian

Monthly edition: Every issue shall be published on the 1st week of each calendar month. 

Refereed journal: The publications are reviewed by at least two independent referees.

International journal: Authors from all over the world can publish in it.

Online journal: It is presented only in electronic version at

Multidisciplinary journal: Journal for publications in the field of social studies. 

Authors who can present their articles and/or studies in SocioBrains: Research workers, Representatives of the state administration, Lecturers in universities and colleges, Representatives of political parties, Phd students, Representatives of NGOs, Bachelor and Master Students, Representatives of civil society.

SocioBrains is aimed at authors who work and have scientific production in the fields of Social Studies: Art and culture, Economics, organization and management, Ecology, Education and educational innovation, Aesthetics, Ethics, Futurology, Geography, History, Global, national, corporate and personal security, Journalism, Information and communication technologies, Law studies, Mastering the cosmos and space research, Logic, Nanotechnology and its application in various areas of society, Natural sciences, Pedagogy, Philologies, Philosophy, Political science, Psychology, Public relations, Science studies, Sociology, Social activities and social work, Theology, etc.