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Nota Bene from the Chief Editor

"The global scientific thought with the speed of modern communications and information systems"


Dear Readers and Authors of SocioBrains

The purpose of this journal is through the powerful tools of modern communication and information systems to make the quickest way, the global scientific thought available to the public anywhere in the world.

The humanity is in the Third - Information Wave /A. Toffler/, when all things precious to him are realized and stored in electronic form. The typography invented in the 14th century by Johann Gutenberg, played its revolutionary mission for mass education of the humanity. The information technologies since the mid-20th century and in the occurred 21, also revolutionize the human civilization and put it on a higher intellectual peak. Today, into the space is traveling not "the global library" but a global information carrier that must submit to boundless and unknown worlds the most important signs of the human race.

In this spirit is created SocioBrains: Nowadays with lightning speed are transferred finance and world news, but the scientific developments follow the old ways of scientific conferences and publishing in paper form, that are usually produced in a period of 6 months to 1 year. It takes almost the same time for publishing in the specialized journals and collections.


The online journal overcomes these archaic forms of dissemination of scientific information. It provides opportunities that traditional scientific events, together with accompanying scientific almanacs can not give under any circumstances:

1. Presentation of the scientific publications on the web for a very short time: 10 days after the submission of the author's publication of every 1st of the month.
2. In essence the journal plays the role of a global conference. Interested readers first select only those materials that interest them, and secondly, can immediately come in contact with the author and ask him personal questions or can discuss the submitted thesis directly with him.
3. In this way, quickly and easily can create international teams working on the same problem, which can hardly happen in traditional scientific forums.

1. Read the whole journal or parts of it is very easy and fast. In practice, the delivery is immediately. More easily accessible from anywhere in the world - no need to carry, you need only connect to the network.
2. It occupies less space and can easily be transported - a huge amount of information presented in it can be transferred to disk, laptop or other device. It can be stored more easily and have a longer life than print editions, journals and almanacs.
3. The online journal has the option to print in unlimited number of copies of all or part of it, the choice is of the concerned person. Browsing the pages is just a click of the "mouse".  
4. From the perspective of the authors, publishing in online journal is most appropriate for the virtually unknown authors who seek their own global recognition.
5. World famous authors who have already created their own "brand identity", the online journal gives them a huge audience quickly.
6. Publishing in this online journal is much cheaper than the publishing in print edition.
And finally: this online journal has International Standard Serial Number -  ISSN, used to identify the electronic or print journal. It helps to refine the citation of scientific literature. It increases the popularity of editions, as all editions received ISSN are registered in the international database of serials ISSN Register in Paris.

After these characteristics of SocioBrains, may seriously say that this kind of online journal plays a role of a social network for scientists and researchers from around the world. In this context it can also be said that it will play the role of Hyde - Park scientific thought such as it should be: unsusceptible to clichés and original locomotive of human civilization!


With respect to all who read this message and this journal!

Professor DSc Sonya Ilieva, Bulgaria

Chief Editor of SocioBrains