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Prize "Gunovi" 2015

The winner of Prize “Gunovi” for 2015 is Vesna Kolarova

Final results from the voting

The prize is given in the beginning of each calendar year. It is intended for authors who share in their publications unique and innovative research and teaching experience. 10 authors from the past year are nominated by the Editorial board and Publisher for winnig the Prize "Gunovi". Тhe winner is chosen by visitors to the site through anonymous voting.


aThe duration of the Voting is January 4th 2016 till January 31st 2016 /exactly 00:00h Bulgarian time/.

The winner gets:

a $200

a Winner Certificate from the publisher /original send by courier/  

a Free and unlimited publications in all issues in 2016

a Nomination for the next Voting in January 2017


The nominated authors are  listed below in alphabetical order.

ASM Mojibur Rahaman Chawdhury (Bangladesh) for “Review of social metrics and tools: development of comprehensive quantification of social sustainability in process design”


Hayriye Süleymanoğlu Yenisoy (Turkey) for On the Turkish Dialects in Bulgaria and their Bulgarian Loanwords Hayriye Süleymanoğlu Yenisoy


Ivan Raychev (Bulgaria) for Economic policies and global trends - social and psychological aspects 



Marina Mezhova and Zarina Milkova (Russia) for “Speech (language) competence of the modern manager in the conditions of intercultural communication


Neli Dimitrova (Bulgaria) for Didactic technology for applications of interactive methods in technological education as an element of akmeology 


Sadia Rasool (Pakistan) for Cyber security threat in Pakistan: causes Challenges and way forward  



Tatiana Aniskevich (Belarus) for The Problem of Preparing Youth for Family Life



Tatiana Nichishina (Belarus) for Family deprivation as a precondition for deviant juvenile behaviour



Vesna Kolarova (Macedonia) for Causes of human trafficking in Macedonia. Forms of human trafficking



Yulia Bashkatova (Russia) for “Symbolic features of somatic concepts