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Prize "Gunovi" 2014

The winner of Prize “Gunovi” for 2014 is Anton Nedyalkov

Final results from the voting

Final Results from the Voting

The prize is given in the beginning of each calendar year. It is intended for authors who share in their publications unique and innovative research and teaching experience. 10 authors from the past year are nominated by the Editorial board and Publisher for winnig the Prize "Gunovi". Тhe winner is chosen by visitors to the site through anonymous voting.


aThe duration of the Voting is January 7th 2015 till January 31st 2015 /exactly 00:00h Bulgarian time/.

The winner gets:

a $200

a Winner Certificate from the publisher /original send by courier/  

a Free and unlimited publications in all issues in 2015

a Nomination for the next Voting in January 2016


The nominated authors are  listed below in alphabetical order.
Anton Nedyalkov (Bulgaria)

for Staffing issues of information systems from the viewpoint of operations management of services
Ivo Jokin (Bulgaria)
for Extracurricular activities of science

Julian Vasilev (Bulgaria)
for Network Security by Analisis of Log Files of Apache Web Server
Oksana Krasnova (Russia)
for Regional Innovative Business Groups - Concept, Types, Development
Stoyan Sarg Sargoytchev (Canada)
for Energy in the Universe and its Syntropic Forms of Existence According to the BSM – Supergravitation Unified Theory
Tatiana Aniskevich (Poland)
for Some aspects of professional image development of Belarusian and polish graduates
Valentina Milenkova (Bulgaria)
for Internalization of higher education the Bulgarian context

Vladimir Dulov (Bulgaria)
for Internet and cultural relations Europe - Balkans
Vladimir Tomilov (Russia)
for Education and evolution of society
Yuri Shabaev (Russia)
for The Lost North of Russia – Social and Cultural Transformations in the Russian North