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Prize "Gunovi"

The prize is given in the beginning of each calendar year. It is intended for authors who share in their publications unique and innovative research and teaching experience. The next Voting  will be in January 2016. 


The Scientific prize is awarded in the name of

 VESELINA /1927-1993/ and BORIS /1923-1982/ GUNOVI

     teachers from Baykal village, Pleven region, Bulgaria 


The teachers Gunovi begin and end their life and professional career in the small Primary school "Hristo Botev" in Baikal village, Pleven region, Bulgaria. In their work they realize innovative in their time practices in education and upbringing of their students. Besides all this they ignite the spark of amateur art activities in the village, they are artists or directors of performances that the local people enthusiastically accepted and remembered until today. The small, beautiful village proudly continue to present to its visitors sculptures and figures that the local, modest schoolteacher Boris Gunov sculpts, donates and placed in various locations in Baikal village, encouraged and inspired by his companion and soulmade in life - also an exemplary teacher Vesselina Gunova.

Thanks to their great love for children - their main "tool" for work and their diligence,Gunovi able to bring valuable citizens in the community, decent people and professionals,implemented successfully in various professional fields. Among them are nationally recognized doctors, lawyers, teachers, professors, businessmen, officials in state and local government, working in national, regional and local media, and others. Through them in the community lives the spirit of their two teachers, which they successfully present.

Through the Prize "Gunovi" the global society deserves to know about both modest and devoted teachers who have contributed to the development of education, science and culture, creating abilities, love and faith extremely high value and human potential!



Teachers Gunovi at the beginning of their joint life and professional career...





...and at the end...





Happy at the calm waters of the river Danube where is located Baikal village and their favorite school.

Teachers Gunovi with their favorite students from different stages of their careers.

All of them are decent people occupied important positions in the Bulgarian society.


The latest joint project of teachers Gunovi: Satirical play "Ode to the corn ', which the primary school" Hristo Botev ", Baikal village convincingly won the county championship of amateur art.